Final Fantasy XI Statistics Calculator

This is a small cgi script that calculates the statistics for jobs (e.g. classes) in the game Final Fantasy XI. We are continuing development on a version created by 348, a Japanese developer who released his code under the new BSD license. The versions we support here will extend the functionality of this script to jobs the original did not cover (Ninja, Summoner, Samurai, and Dragoon) and we will look for ways to extend the accuracy of this calculator to beyond the 50 level range it is known to be accurate in.

The eventual goal is an accurate calculator for all jobs and job combinations from 1 to 75.

Curious about the formulas used in this project? Check out the documents page.

Want to know what coding progress have been made? Check out the progress page.

The program can be downloaded here.

A development version of the calculator is here. Logo